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Art.Nr.: 203131000
Die-Cast Scoop
Bob the Builder Scoop Nothing works without him!
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What would the famous builder be without his excavator? That's why Dickie Toys's Bob the Builder Scoop is so popular with children as a die-cast free-wheeling toy vehicle. The carefully designed 1:64-scale vehicle not only has a detailed Scoop look, it also has moving parts to discover.
Art.Nr.: 203131001
Die-Cast Lofty
Bob the Builder Lofty – it sure can lift!
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Lofty is the secret star in Bob the Builder's world, because the sensitive crane shows how friendship and commitment work. That's why he's also an indispensable part of the Bob the Builder collection as a Dickie Toys' die-cast toy vehicle. This 1:64-scale free-wheeling vehicle with its high-quality design has moving parts and is thus able to carry out quite a few impressive lifting operations.
Art.Nr.: 203131002
Die-Cast Muck
Bob the Builder Muck: If things get chaotic, it'll be Muck's fault!
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Every circle of friends needs a lovable character who's a bit chaotic. For Bob the Builder, this is Muck the excavator. Dickie Toys presents him as a die-cast toy vehicle with moving parts and a very careful 1:64-scale design. Children aged 3 years and upwards simply love Buddel.
Art.Nr.: 203131003
Die-Cast Roley
Bob the Builder Roley definitely lives up to his name!
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In Bobsville, one character makes sure that everything literally runs smoothly: Roley the steamroller. And now young fans of the Bob the Builder series can get their hands on this popular character as a die-cast toy vehicle. Thanks to its high-quality and detailed design along with moving parts, it offers hours of fun. A must in every Bob the Builder collection!
Art.Nr.: 203131004
Die-Cast Two-Tonne
Bob the Builder Two Tonne is always on the spot for tough tasks!
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You can always rely on this semi-trailer truck. Bob the Builder, too, knows this in the hit series of the same name, as do the fans, and they will love Dickie Toys Bob the Builder Two Tonne. The free-wheeling, 1:64-scale die-cast toy vehicle has moving parts and has been carefully designed, allowing children to easily recreate the adventures in Bobsville, while at the same time allowing them plenty of scope for their own ideas.
Art.Nr.: 203131005
Die-Cast Stretch
Bob the Builder Stretch – an addition to the collection!
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With Stretch the digger, fans aged three years and upwards have another exciting character from the hit series Bob the Builder that they can add to their collections. The high-quality free-wheeling die-cast toy vehicle has been carefully designed and has moving parts for maximum fun. The 1:64 scale car is a must-have when it comes to fun and adventures in Bobsville.
Art.Nr.: 203131006
Die-Cast Tread
Bob the Builder Tread – an absolute must!
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Like all models in the Dickie Toys Bob the Builder collection, Tread the pick-up truck is a high-quality free-wheeling die-cast toy vehicle that impresses with its careful 1:64-scale design and moving parts included for discovery and learning purposes. And like all the models, a must-have for every fan collection!
Art.Nr.: 203131007
Die-Cast Rocky
Bob the Builder Rocky – already in big demand!
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Rocky the compact-loader is a new addition to the Bob the Builder team – not just in the hit series but also in the Dickie Toys collection as a free-wheeling die-cast toy vehicle. The lovingly designed 1:64-scale model with moving parts is just as much a hit as the rest of the colourful crowd. Loyal fans from the age of three will undoubtedly be delighted with this latest addition to their collection!
Art.Nr.: 203133009
Garage Playset Bob
Bob the Builder Garage Playset: Bob and Scoop are unstoppable!
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What would Bob the Builder be without his loyal friend Scoop? This dream team is at the heart of Dickie Toys's garage playset. Bob is included as a lovingly-designed figure, and Scoop as a free-wheeling toy vehicle. And there's also a lot to discover in the garage itself: It has a door that can be opened and a launch ramp for Scoop. Also included are a conveyor belt and various accessories. One thing's for sure: Fans of the series aged three years and upwards will love this set, and play with it for a long time!
Art.Nr.: 203133010
Garage Playset Wendy
Bob the Builder Garage Playset: Wendy's got everything under control!
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Bob's partner Wendy, too, is a real master builder – and therefore plays a leading role in this Bob the Builder Garage playset. As a carefully-designed figure, she will inspire children to come up with all kinds of garage-related games involving the opening door and launch ramp. Lofty the crane is also included as a toy vehicle. For even more playroom adventures, this great set for series fans aged three years and upwards also includes a gripping arm and accessories.
Art.Nr.: 203133011
Garage Playset Leo
Bob the Builder Garage Playset: Leo's in charge here!
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In this Dickie Toys Bob the Builder playset, Leo, Bob's apprentice, plays the main role for a change. Faithfully reproduced, he fits perfectly into the garage, which has a door that opens and a launch ramp with a crane and accessories. Leo's companion in this set is Muck the excavator, who in miniature form shoots off the ramp. What else is needed? A fan of the series aged three years and upwards, who using their imagination will create completely new set of adventures with the characters.
Art.Nr.: 203134000
Action-Team Set Scoop
Bob the Builder Action Team Scoop + Bob: These two can do anything!
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In Bobsville there is no better team than Scoop and Bob. This Dickie Toys action team set contains both characters from the hit series in a particularly functional form. The free-wheeling toy excavator speaks and has moving parts, while buddy Bob is included as a articulated figure. Fans aged three years and upwards can immediately start creating their own adventures, because the batteries are already included.
Art.Nr.: 203134001
Action-Team Set Lofty
Bob the Builder Action Team Lofty + Wendy: What have we got lined up today?
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There is always something to do in Bobsville, and Lofty and Wendy are always happy to help. In the Bob the Builder Action Team Set Lofty the free-wheeling toy vehicle with sound effects stimulates the imagination, because it speaks and has moving parts. The lovingly designed Wendy figure is also articulated. The batteries are already included, so all fans aged three years and upwards have to do is decide which adventures they want to embark upon that day.
Art.Nr.: 203134002
Action-Team Set Muck
Bob the Builder Action Team Muck + Leo: Can we build it? Yes we can!
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Just as popular as the main character Bob the Builder is his apprentice Leo. And in this Bob the Builder Action Team Set he, together with Muck, takes part in great adventures in the playroom. Muck the free-wheeling excavator speaks and has many moving parts for children to discover. Leo, too, is extremely flexible as a figure. Children from the age of three only need to insert the included batteries and they can embark on a fantasy journey to Bobsville.
Art.Nr.: 203134003
Action-Team Set Tread
Bob the Builder Action Team Tread + Bob: New challenges await already!
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Tread and Bob the Builder can't wait to take on new challenges. And in the Bob the Builder Action Team Set, both figures are particularly functional when it comes to bringing these adventures to life in the playroom. The free-wheeling toy vehicle speaks and has moving parts. Bob is also a articulated figure. Young fans from the age of three can train their fine motor skills and discover their interest in technical connections. All that is needed is to insert the included batteries and the fun can begin!
Art.Nr.: 203134006
Garage Set Scoop + Rocky
Bob the Builder Garage Set – everything fans want!
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With this Bob the Builder Garage Set Dickie Toys is fulfilling the dream of countless fans. This is because it contains Scoop and Rocky as faithfully-reproduced free-wheeling toy vehicles with moving parts. The yellow toy excavator is also equipped with original sound. Bob is naturally also included as a figure. The garage means even more play value, with the accessories generating endless new play ideas. What more could you need? The batteries maybe? But these, too, are already included!
Art.Nr.: 203131011
Walkie Talkie
Bob the Builder Walkie Talkie: Fun on the construction site!
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Bob and Wendy are a great team and would certainly communicate on the construction site with the Dickie Toys Bob the Builder Walkie Talkie. With the Walkie-Talkie Set, fans of the series aged 3 years and upwards can take part in their own missions. The walkie-talkies operate on the 433 MHz frequency. The set of two includes a device in bob design and one in the Wendy look. A noise-reduction feature ensures optimal conversation quality. In open terrain without interfering signals, the range is up to 250 meters. Batteries are not included, and with the walkie-talkies children can transform any play area into their own little construction site. • Bob the Builder Walkie-Talkie • Walkie-talkie (433 MHz) set • Design: Bob & Wendy • Noise reduction • Range up to 250 m • Batteries: not included • Length: 15 cm
Art.Nr.: 203134004
RC Scoop
With Scoop, Bob the Builder really manages everything!
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The lovingly detailed design of the Dickie Toys Bob the Builder RC Scoop is enough to show that Bob the Builder really cannot do without the yellow digger, Scoop. But then this toy vehicle with single channel radio control really can manage a thing or two: Forwards, it whizzes straight ahead, backwards it follows a curved path and, while it is on the go, the front bucket moves up and down. All the parents need to do is insert the necessary batteries. This remote controlled vehicle will delight not only fans of the series. Any kids aged over three who enjoy mechanical toys, fast action and discovery will have great fun with it.
Art.Nr.: 203134005
RC Lofty
Thanks to Dickie Toys, Lofty now joins the play room!
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All fans of the "Bob the Builder" series know how sensitive Lofty, the blue crane, can be. However, you'd hardly notice that in the Bob the Builder RC Lofty Single Drive from Dickie Toys. The remote controlled toy with single channel radio control is extremely agile. Forwards, it goes straight ahead, backwards it follows a curved path and, thanks to the careful design, it is also great visual fun. Lofty shows off what he can do – and, while he is moving, the crane jib goes up and down. All the parents need to do is insert the necessary batteries and Bob-fans from three years of age can enjoy their own adventures with Lofty.